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Workshop Titles and Descriptions

​Things I wish I Knew Coming into the Industry: w/ Living Light

Living Light shares her top secret tips on all the things she wish she knew before coming into the music industry. Here she will share advice on best self care practices, touring, representation, how to thrive, building your career while maintaing your health and excitement for your creation.

Signal Flow: Sound Engieneering 101: w/ Tina Malia

From the microphone to the speaker.  This is the very first and most important class they teach in engineering school.  It follows the sound current from the moment it enters the microphone, through the interface, compressors, eq, mixer and out to the speakers.  It is universal through every kind of system, whether you're working with live sound, pro tools, or even garage band!  In fact, if you understand signal flow path, you should be able to work within almost any program or sound system that exists.  

Electronic  Song Production: w/ Tina Malia

Creating a Song Live: Layering, Beat, Movement with Songwriting, Versatility, Emotional Charge, Transitions

Ableton: Week Long Masterclass: w/ Maddy O'Neal, Imagicka Om and Moondrop

Ableton 101: Navigating the Unknown.Intro to the Interface, Signal Types, Audio & Midi Clips, Making First Beat

 Going Deeper with MIDI, Working With Audio, Samples and Loops, Recording Audio, Warping/Slicing Ableton Class: Going Deeper with MIDI, Working With Audio, Samples and Loops, Recording Audio, Warping/Slicing

Devices (intro to samplers, synths and effects), Arranging Elements into a Song, Automation, Recording, Finding a Tempo

Adding Texture & Atmosphere, Session View, Mixing and Basic Mastering, Rendering out your Song

Organize, polish, redefine and improve.

Add effects, edit ,delete , rearrange , refine your track, basic EQing and mixing

Ableton Final Class: Creating a Song Together, Envelopes, Bass Modulation, Final Questions Answered

DJing Week Long Masterclass: w/ dela moon and Beat Kitty

DJing as an Art: Traktor basics explained: Collecting and Sorting: Live Demonstration

CDJS and Mixers: Tricks for Traktor and Organzing your Set: Time to Try: Practice time: Student Lead Live Demonstration

Phrasing - where to mix, how to mix
Frequencies, Looping, Syncing, EQs/ effects
Music Structure, Strategies, Question and Answer
Student Lead Live Demonstration

Set Curation and Yogic Approach to Artistic Expression. Work on set with Feedback from small groups. Student Lead Live Demonstration

Intermediate Djing tips: Harmonic Mixing- Mixed in Key, Energy Boost Mixing, Reading a Crowd, Drops and Transitions: Work on Sets with Live Feedback from Peers. Student Lead Live Demonstration

Back to Back Djing: Live Feedback, Work on Set with Guidance

Signature Sound Production: Building Your Unique Toolkit of Personalized Sound: w/ Living Light



LoopingMasterclass inAbleton: w/ HAANA

Learn to master the looping function in Ableton, play with designing and arranging vocal based song. Learn how to layer 

DEEPSØNØS: Live Electronic Sound healing: w/ HAANA



HAANA shares her live Sound Healing set up where she creates each set fully improv. This is an  Intention Setting 


session with follow up technical breakdown

Album Completion Start to Finish: Building a Career: w/ Tina Malia

Now that you’ve produced what do you with your album, creating a journey, Career aspect, Brands, What I've learned, Q& A

This would be for anyone who's ever wanted to make an album but has no idea where to start. Convering topics such as how to choose instruments and the overall theme of the album, how to organize a timeline and follow it, finding an engineer/co-producer, and most importantly, how to hold onto the soul of your own music whilst collaborating with other people.  


Utilizing Ableton for Live Performance with Gear Talk and Discussion: w/ HAANA


Special Techniques for Building from a Loop to Transition and Song Composition & Mixing: w/ Living Light

Introduction on how to build from an idea to an entire song, transitions, build ups, layering. creating motion and range in your tracks. Learning how to make the song levels sound good upon playback plus basic mastering principles. Panning, eq, compression, effects, etc.

Breaking the Silence: Open Blocks to Sharing your Gifts, Vocal Empowerment and Claiming One's True Song w/ Marya Stark

Letting go of blocks that hold our voice back. It's time to claim our space and our worth. 

Embodied Voice: Journey of our Voice, Using the Voice to Activate Yourself and Others, Sacred Activism through Songwriting, Freestyling 101: w/ Moondrop

Music as a Tool for Activism. ... Music provides a framework and platform through which to package and present an idea or point of view. In this session we will Sing together, write songs inspired by the future we want to see, receive songwriting and freestyling tips, use our voice to heal each other and  discuss tools for Using your platform as a tool for change,

Music as a prayer.

Yoga Nidra & Sound Healing w/ Tish and Shavani

Finding Your Creative Muse w/ HAANA

Courting The Muse: w/ Marya Stark

Vocal Alchemy & Song Writing Master Class- The Art of Song Craft- Grounding Inspiration into fully realized vision 

Voice of My Womb: w/ Marya Stark

Reclaiming Feminine Rhythm In Creative Process- Honoring the Birth Cycles of our Muses 

Listening to our cycles as womxn and learning to create with them is one of the most valuable tools we can use in our process. There are times when we are in the summertime of expression and other times the winter. This is a deep dive into honoring our individual pace, looking at what our womb is saying to us, and tuning in with the void of creation within you. Pure Magic!

Remixing Mentorship w/ Living Light

Maintaing Feminine Essence in Production: w/ Imagika Om

Not Just a Hobby: Building a Career

Music Business Panel: w/ Everyone

 101 on Booking, Performing, Management, Licensing, Touring and Marketing yourself.

Learn how to navigate a male dominated music industry with confidence and grace as a female performer! In this workshop we will cover an array of aspects pertaining to a budding music career. We will explore logistical aspects.... from the booking to the actual performance to settlement and we will also explore the creative side of developing your stage show and performance style. What kind of talents can you lean into? What are your natural strengths? How can you make your show unique?


Erotic Awakening : Embodied Erotic Dance:  w/Nadine Lee

 Second: Unleash your Creativity with the Womb: w/Nadine Lee


Cultivating Stage Presence and Claiming Confidence Workshop and Fire Ceremony: w/ Sofiah Thom


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