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Copy of Claim your voice (1).png
Aug 18, 2023, 11:00 AM – Aug 21, 2023, 11:00 AM
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Somatic & Technical Vocal, Heart & Womb Work + Ceremonial Plant Ally Work + Song Creation + Ritual Recording

8.18-8.21. 2023

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The opening of our voice has never been a solo endeavor.  

The Voice fully blossoms open when all three of our creation centers, The Throat, The Heart and The Womb, are working in Trine. 


When  the Womb is attended to as the place where we gestate the initial creative spark, the place we harvest from the void , the Heart is nurtured as the place where we Feel the Emotional Intelligence associated with our crreation, where we give life to it with our Belief and Passion for expression. And  theThroat where the spark becomes sound, translating the frequency of the union between heart, womb and throat into Song that impacts and moves with its meaniing, even if it simply be a tone. The power of a unified Throat, Heart and Womb can create worlds, it is the source of our nature to embody and transmit the miraculous ability of the voice to reach beyond words straight into the heart of another and without translatin be coompllletelly understood. 

What is Triquetra?

The Trine

The Womb is our Gestation - Creation Portal,

it is a place that gives and nurturees life. Often wee carry old patternings, shame and paiin in the womb from past trauma, heart break and body memories from where we may not have felt honored the way we later realized was important to us. 

The Heart is the Central

Creation Portal, 

and the bridge between Womb and Throat, Between the Subconscious and the conscious realms, it is he great communicator. Often the heart can become constricted from patterns of shut down, not feeling safe and deep unprocess greif. The heart carries old eemotions qw hVE NOT YEt allowered ourelves to feel. 

The Throat is our Actualization of Creation Portal.

Our conscious expression of the Unconscious. It is our ability to shape sound and weeave it into coherent creation. The throat often carries places where we shut dow nin eeearly child from shame in our voice or from places we did not feel heard in our softness. The throat is where express pleasure and pain,.

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  • In this retreat we will indidvidually and holistically address our present relation to our voice, our hearts and our womb 

  • We wil ldo this in a variety of approaches  and applications suchc as..

  • Space will be held by our facilitators to journey into the orihinal traumas that created holding patterns in our creationo centers. 

  • After we identify the source we will address the stories we arre carrying with body work, emotional work and plant allies

  • We will have body workers present and priestesses that will tend to each partcipants individual tension on a physical level in their jaw, chest and breasts and womb. This will lbe done with jaw amassage, breast massage, and mayan abdominal womb massage andd optional internal somatic and trauma release work

  • We will be working with ceremonialists to hold. safe continer for u sto work with micro doeses of psilocyin, wachuma, bobinsana and cacao to soften the edges around our hearts, and journey deeper into the core pirit guidance available too us 

  • We will create space to journal, integrat eand reflect on these journies and carve out space to create art with this content. 

  • We will have herbalists present offerig tea, supplements, sprays and oils the sync up with the intentino of the day 

  • We will offer workshops on songwriting, channeling, music production

  • Techniques to learn and expand your range

  • Tools for daily practices to open the voice,

  • breathwork sessions to expnd lung cpaccity,

  • primal activations to unleash the shakti and wild woman amongst sisters,

  • understanding and relating ot orur pleasure and the orgasm as our birthrite,

  • Nutrition and Womb care,

  • Rituals to Cleanse and care for the womb space regulary.

  • Kirtan sessionss and Devotional Ssinging, 

  • Shakti Full Expression Yoga, and

  • Liberation of our Sexual Embodiment 

  • We will leave plenty of space in the day to channnel what comes through in workshop, meditations, or ceremony into music.

  • We will offer individual sessions to record and crystallize your music into the beginings of track 

  • You can choose exteended packages that come with ongoing mentorship post retreat to complete the. song.


The flow of the day will loo like

Morning practice

Tea time

Opening iNvocation and Circle


Workshop one 

Workshop two


Workshop 3 Prep for ceremony

Light Dinner 

Micro Sound Alter Journey 



Day 2

Morning Practice

Tea time


Cacao & Integration Day 1 


Workshopo 5


Space to Create

Individual Body work Sessions

Individual Recording Sessions


Devotional Singing

Closing Eveniing Ritual

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Aug 18, 2023, 11:00 AM – Aug 21, 2023, 11:00 AM
Copy of Claim your voice (1).png
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